Početna / Zagreb in the heart

Zagreb in the heart


Feel the rich flavors of tradition and contemporary delicacies.
The combination of sweet and salty is saturated with the spirit of Zagreb, and carefully selected products are bursting with flavors, just waiting for you to try them.
Medenjaci/paprenjaci, the representatives of Zagreb’s gastronomic history, are perfectly complemented by the modern touch of pumpkin seed pesto and blueberry liqueur, while the refined taste of floral honey, complemented by the richness of nuts, puts the finishing touch.


  • Licitar bowl
  • Medenjak /paprenjak, 150g
  • Pumpkin seed pesto
  • Blueberry liqueur
  • Flower honey with nuts, 110 g

100% Croatian product

Premium quality

Traditional flavors

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